Astrologers are old school data scientists!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Astrologers are old school data scientists!

Vedic astrology is way too advanced in comparison to whatever technology the modern generation boasts about. It is known as the eye of the supplementary Vedic literature because it is devised to see what is not seen now. This is something which only science fiction has achieved till date. astroYogi experts explain why Vedic astrology is claimed to be scientific and legitimate.

Disbelief comes in when we have a perception of voodoo, mumbo-jumbo regarding Vedic astrology. If we look at the scientific aspect of this ancient devolutionary art, you would always take guidance from it when you are stuck in life.  To make it more relatable to the modern generation we would explain it from a big data point of view. If you are aware of modern day data science, then you can relate a Vedic astrologer readily to a data scientist.

There are many interesting similarities between Vedic Astrology and modern data science.  Modern data science predicts future events based upon identifying, testing and validating the data which is relevant for a future event, which needs to be predicted.

A data scientist relies mainly on data patterns; an astrologer does the same when he takes a look at your birth chart. A Vedic astrologer can build a person’s profile based on his birth chart similar to data science’s claim of coming up with a behavior pattern based on past data by converting it into information. Now with this information you also have the provision to predict a change. In Vedic astrology, an expert astrologer has access to the behavioral cycles of a person which can be figured out from his birth chart, these are called as the ‘Dasha cycles’ of a person. They will be able to predict the probabilities of an event or occurring in your life, within bounds and limits of probability.  The accuracy of this prediction will depend on the expertise and experience of the astrologer.

In Vedic astrology the Big Data is squeezed into a 12 house diagram with the initial positioning of the planets at the time of one's birth put in it. This 12-box diagram is one’s Horoscope and it provides an astrologer with numerous time series information. This series is interpreted by a Vedic astrologer when you approach him with your queries and concerns. Vedic astrology can be interpreted as a life-management tool in a broad modern sense. In that case, an astrologer is the experienced data scientist who interprets the data and balances the probabilities to draw meaningful conclusions and predictions.

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