Astro Analysis of the Singam Star - Ajay Devgan

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Astro Analysis of the Singam Star - Ajay Devgan

Some actors age well and years add more character to their personality. Indian film actor, director and producer, Ajay Devgn, is one of them. Ajay comes from a ‘filmy’ background. His father, Veeru Devgan, is the famed stunt and action choreographer who also directed a film, while his mother, Veena, is a film producer.

Ajay married one of the most successful and dynamite actresses of the Bollywood industry, Kajol Mukherjee; much to the envy of many of her suitors.

Starting with his debut film, Phool Aur Kaante, in 1991, Ajay Devgn has come a long way, ruling the box office for over two and a half decades! 

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Born on 2nd April, Ajay is an Aries. 2018 opened with a bang for the Bollywood superstar; with the release of his first Marathi production, Aapla Manus, on 9th February and Raid on 16th March. Both the movies received positive reviews from the critics.

An Aries to the core, the romantic Ajay knew how to sweep Kajol off her feet with his charms and carried her away under the nose of her suitors. The fiery Kajol, easily succumbed to the advances of this hot, intense, confident, yet, impulsive youngster.

The Ram is a passionate lover and to fight him off would have been a losing battle for the bubbly Kajol.

A typical Ram; Ajay is very protective of his family and likes to keep his kids away from the prying eyes of the media. Not wanting to make them feel pressurised to follow the steps of the parents, Ajay; a responsible father; wants to give them the platform to have their own choice of what they want to become in their life.

But like all the other zodiac signs, the Ram too has his weaknesses. Ajay too can be moody, short tempered and aggressive. The reclusive side of his persona, makes him keep his personal life guarded. He is not very active on the social media platforms and is hardly seen partying all night.

Ajay, the Aries, hates to be betrayed and will walk away if he feels let down by anyone close to him.

The Aries man is impulsive and can be a bit of a cheater. Tinsel-world was abuzz with the rumour of the affair of Ajay and Kangana Ranaut, during the sets of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. But fortunately, Ajay knows his limits and the responsibility of a married life.

2018 will be a year of challenges and some turbulence on the home front; which a committed Aries like Ajay; would be able to handle well.

Ajay has an upcoming biopic on Tanaji Malusare; a warrior in the Maratha Shivaji’s army; lined up for 2019. With Mars transit into Aquarius by this year end; this could yet be another profitable venture.

Not about to slow down at the age of 49, the energetic Aries thinks film making has reached a new level of finesse with digitalisation and he now wants to make a film on the lines of the mega film, Bahubali. His Aries vitality will definitely see this materialise someday.

On his birthday, Astroyogi wishes him success in all his endeavours.