Anushka Sharma: Astro Analysis of The Fiery Actress

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Anushka Sharma: Astro Analysis of The Fiery Actress

Anushka Sharma’s birthday falls on 1 May and that makes her a Taurus. Taurus, being an Earth sign, helps Anushka be grounded and oriented towards what’s real as it provides stability to the person blessed with this sign.

Ruled by the planet Venus, which represents love, money and everything beautiful, Anushka is blessed with all three.

From making her debut in Bollywood in 2008, with none other than the superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka has come a long way in just a short span of 10 years. The actress has achieved it all by herself which is huge in itself because she comes from an army background and is not a protégée of any Bollywood biggie.

An otherwise confident girl, who never hesitated to speak up her mind, Anushka is open about discrimination between actors and actresses even in the glitzy world. One can hear the determined Taurus tone in her voice when she gives her opinion on matters that annoy her.

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Anushka’s marriage to Virat Kohli was the talk of the year, 2017-18. This Earth Sign shows compatibility with Virat, who is a Scorpio (Water Sign) as the two signs will be able to successfully balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Although both are Fixed Signs and can be quite stubborn about their own opinions, their love for each other helps them compromise in a disagreeable situation.

Financial stability tops the list of ‘wants’ for the materialistic Taurus. It is believed that the ‘Virushka’ net worth is close to 1,000 crores! This stability in finances has not just landed in Anushka’s lap. This industrious Taurus has worked hard for it. She was fiercely independent at a very young age.

Although Anushka is a superstar, she is an introverted Taurus from deep inside. She admits to being socially awkward and blabbing what first comes into her head, to hide her nervousness in public.

A Taurus enjoys looking good and Anushka’s botched up ‘lip’ job grabbed the eyeballs for a very long time till she managed to straighten that out.

According to Anushka Sharma horoscope, her lucky stone is none other than the diamond and it is believed that Virat took his time to survey diamonds from different countries before he bought a rare one from an Austrian jewelry designer.

Anushka Sharma’s horoscope for 2019 reminds her that perseverance will be her key to success. A Taurus is gifted with strength and stamina and this can all be seen in Anushka’s personality, the producers and directors have a dependable and faithful inclination towards her. Although Anushka’s last few films have not been a huge hit in the box office, her footing in the film industry is still firm as a rock.

For a Taurus, the stars in 2019 encourage them to spend more time with family and friends whenever they get stressed at work. It will help them rejuvenate faster.

Anushka has a number of films lined up to be finished and released in 2020.

We, at Astroyogi, wish her success on her birthday and look forward to the release of her movies.