Anti Terrorism Day: Feng Shui Tips to prevent Violent Behaviour of Youth

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Anti Terrorism Day: Feng Shui Tips to prevent Violent Behaviour of Youth

Terrorism is the act of creating fear in the minds of civilians either through brutal mass killings or through threat of killing which is indicted on people to attain certain political or ideological vested interests especially different from the government. This threat has engulfed the entire world and India is no exception.    

Our beloved Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by LTTE on 21st May 1991. His death anniversary  is observed as Anti-terrorism Day in India with the purpose of creating awareness about the consequences of terrorism on humanity, peace and society at large. The aim of the day is to hit the minds of youth who get carried away by ideologies which are biased and can be extremely fatal. So when we talk about the mind set of youth, the next thing we need to talk about is the atmosphere the youth is getting at home, the kind of energies which are generated at home as the youth spends major portion of their time at home.

These days a lot of emphasis is on creating flashy living rooms and designer and attractive entrance to the house and in the process a lot of objects like dummy of animal faces, animal skin, fancy antique swords, models of pistols and guns are all used to adorn the walls. But in the process what we create is an atmosphere full of shar (harmful and inauspicious) energies. Each time the family members pass that area, they get the feeling of either attack or of defense as these objects reflect such energies only. As it is, the pressure of studies, competition, adrenaline rush from speed, insensitive video games, etc have made the youth very aggressive so as a parent we need to provide a very peaceful atmosphere at home. 

Dr Rupa Batra - Vaastu and Feng Shui mentor and balanced lifestyle expert suggests some dos and don’ts to avoid violent behavior of the youth:

- Paintings of war, bruised soldiers and dead bodies should not be hung in the room of youth

- You should not present edgy gifts like shaving kits etc to children as they emit negative energies. Yes of course you can buy them anything but it should not be given as a gift.

- Boys love the sign of danger with a skull and the word danger written on their T-shirts, wrist bands, stickers on walls and their vehicles etc. But please make it a point to remove such stickers and clothes as they tend to create a very negative impact on the subconscious which might not be very evident superficially but on a very deep level, you can easily see that the child is getting restless, irritated and anxious very soon.

- Try to position the room of the youth in the north-east. This is the direction of sun and as I have mentioned in my other articles as well, that sun is a power house of energy. It kills negativity, it creates positive vibration and detoxifies the air.

- There should be no cuts or bumps on the floor and extremely heavy objects should be avoided in north and north-east as it takes away the power of judgment from the children. As it is the youth is a confused lot and it is very easy for anti social elements to influence their minds if there is some distortion in this direction. For the reason that this direction gives the power to judge what is right and what is wrong for me.