Akash Ambani’s Marriage: Astro Analysis

Akash Ambani, the eldest son of the business magnate, Mukesh Ambani, is all set to tie the knot by the end of 2018. Born on 23rd October 1991, into India’s wealthiest family, Akash is a Scorpio. He has a twin sister, Isha.

The Ambani icon has done his schooling from Dhirubhai Ambani International School (DAIS) in Mumbai, where he met his love interest, Shloka Mehta.

Shloka Mehta is the daughter of Russel Mehta (Owner of Rosy Blue Diamonds, one of India’s leading diamond companies) and Mona Mehta. Born on 11th July, Shloka is a Cancerian.

After school; both parted ways for higher studies - while Akash went to Brown University in the US, Shloka went on to study Anthropology at Princeton University. Shloka has also done her Masters in Law at the London School of Economics.

While Akash is the Chief of Strategy of Jio, Shloka is a Director at Rosy Blue’s philanthropic arm, Rosy Blue Foundation and also the Co-Founder of Connect For.

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The two families know each other well and the Ambani’s have known Shloka since she was 4 years old.

Going by their Sun-signs, both Akash and Shloka are Water Signs, with tremendously strong emotions. Two Water signs normally find mutual stability and security in each other. A Cancer will help calm some of Scorpion’s darker side.

Both Cancer and Scorpio are quite private signs and it is for this reason that inspite of Akash and Shloka being childhood friends, they never went public with their friendship.

According to the love compatibility, they can make a highly sensual couple, as Scorpio is one of the most sexual sign in the zodiac and Cancers are romantic and passionate. There is a shared, unspoken intimacy between these two signs and a mutual trust and respect.

No relationship can be perfect and a Scorpion and Cancer may also have their ups and downs. A Scorpion may tire of a Cancer’s mood swings and may end up wounding a very sensitive crab.

The differences are also because Scorpio is a Fixed Sign and a Cancer is a Cardinal one. A Scorpio will not give in easily and doesn’t like change; but the Cancer doesn’t mind adapting and taking the initiative in mending a disagreement. The Cancer is ruled by the ‘emotional’ Moon, while Scorpio is ruled by the hot planet, ‘Mars’ and the powerful Pluto.

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Both these signs have a deep, underlying psyche connect. Their ‘intuition’ about each other keeps the marriage afloat most of the times.

2018 love horoscope forecast for the Scorpions, suggests that there will be no shortage of romance and intimacy for them this year.

For the Cancers too, 2018 predicts some deep commitments in the first quarter of the year. And this became true when Shloka got engaged to her childhood friend, Akash, on March 24. Marriage seems to be on the cards for a Cancer, by the year end and according to the grapevine, the possible dates for marriage for Akash and Shloka may be December 8-12, at the Oberoi, Mumbai.


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