Aamir Khan: Astro Analysis of Mr Perfectionist

Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan, popularly known as Aamir Khan, is one of the most versatile and talented actors of Bollywood. Because of his professionalism and sincerity towards every character that he portrays, he is popularly nick-named as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’! 

Born on 14th March, Aamir is a Pisces. This sign is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. The most creative of all the zodiac signs, Aamir does justice to his zodiac by coming up with films that are not only entertaining but also carry an important social message alongside. In recent years, Aamir films are considered to be box-office blockbusters even before they are released. That is because he manages to effectively mold his ‘clean-cut, wholesome, boy-next-door’ looks according to what the role demands of him.

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Of the three Water Signs, it is the ‘Fish’ that dives the deepest-emotionally and spiritually. It can safely be said that Aamir is hugely successful in the industry because he gets emotionally involved in the character he portrays. Thanks to the zodiac’s ruling planets, he lives in a bifurcated world of fantasy and reality but manages to connect the two beautifully in his films.

This highly intelligent man can hold a conversation for hours and is also an excellent listener. His intuitive, emotional and analytical mind has earned him the title of “the most intelligent cinematic mind” of Bollywood. Aamir acts in just one or two films in a year, as he likes to give his whole to it.

Pisces make wonderful friends and Salman and Raj Hirani swear by his friendship. This caring ‘Fish’ would like his children to inculcate this attitude.

Aamir is typically introverted and suffers his share of bouts of depression and irritability. Since he is very emotional, he can also be very sensitive, though Pisces are excellent at hiding their feelings from others. His uses the television forum, Satyamev Jayate, to highlight the sensitive, social issues in India.

Most Pisces are exceptionally attractive and Aamir is no exception. The man simply seems to improve in his body structure and looks with every new film. He was endearing as a chocolate boy in the musical, romance film, QSQT, and equally adorable as the crook, ’Firangi Mallah’ in Thugs of Hindostan.

Pisces love animals and Aamir has both dogs and cats as pets in his house. It never fails to amaze him how much humans can learn from them. It really wouldn’t surprise the audience if he centers the plot of one of his films, on animals.

Being a Water Sign, a Pisces is most compatible with other Water Signs. He found his perfect match in Kiran Rao, who is a Scorpio. Pisces gets attracted to mysterious people and to those who are strong and dominant.

Pisces are prone to fatigue and sinus problems, and this aggravated for Aamir when he added kilos to his weight, for his film, Dangal, just to be in tune to his character.

2018 didn’t end on a good note for Aamir’s career but 2019 promises him success. We wait with baited breathe for his upcoming biopic, Mogul, that will see a Christmas release. Astroyogi wishes Aamir success in his endeavor, on his birthday.

Astroyogi wishes Aamir Khan a very happy birthday.

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