A Perfect Boyfriend May Not Be a Perfect Husband

bell icon Thu, Sep 20, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
A Perfect Boyfriend May Not Be a Perfect Husband

There are certain traits that one can look for in a partner when considering marriage. Other than being respectful and compassionate, there should also be mutual understanding about financial matters, how the family and friends feel about them, how both the partners handle a conflict or an argument, the basic personality traits, the temperament etc. It is, of course, hard to find one person who will be perfect in all respects, since the list of ‘good qualities’, is unending, so it makes sense to just check your compatibility.

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Having been in a relationship with your partner before marriage may not ensure a successful marriage. After marriage, there are many things that change; responsibilities are added and compromise and patience becomes the key word.

While as a boyfriend, he may have constantly doted on you and been romantic, once he acquires the ‘husband’ title, he may not always have the patience to do so. At the start of a relationship, men tend to go out of their way to keep their girlfriends happy, and will even make the effort to change themselves for the girls liking. But it won’t be long before they turn back to their original self, once they are married! 

If you are used to getting gifts while you were dating, marriage may also change that. While going grocery shopping together may sound like a romantic date idea; after marriage, it might be one of the many argument topics for you both.

So, instead of surfing the Internet for desirable traits in a husband, it is best to just get an overall, integrated analysis, through a Vedic astrology reading. A Vedic astrologer will match your ‘kundlis’ or birth chart and tell you exactly how much you both will have in common.

Before taking the next step in a relationship, couples may decide to move in together to get a feel of marriage. There is a new growing trend of live-in relationships, as it helps both partners assess their compatibility while living together. However, some families may still not be open to this idea. For those of you who want to get married to your current partners, you can always get your and your partner’s zodiac sign compatibility analysed by an astrologer. This is both time and cost efficient. Do not assume that the relationship with your partner will remain the way it is now.

Interpreting your astrological compatibility with your partner can also help to understand what kinds of problems and conflicts you both might face in the long run. You can also understand a lot about your partner, like his traits and personality, by his zodiac sign.

Another important advantage is that, if you really wish to continue your relationship with your partner, an astrologer can guide you on aspects to work in your relationship to make it more compatible and successful.

Your stars play an important role in your relationship. While love is important for any relationship, it may not always be enough. To see how compatible you are with your partner, there are many ‘tests’ you can find online, but you will get more reliable, authentic, and detailed information by consulting an expert Vedic astrologer.