13th November ‘A Total Solar Eclipse’ in Scorpio

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
13th November ‘A Total Solar Eclipse’ in Scorpio

The sun is going to be dark once again in the month of the 'Scorpio'. A total Solar Eclipse will bring about darkness during this festive Diwali time. The Solar Eclipse on November 13 will introduce a time of rebirth and many will experience new things in life. Old feelings will be exchanged with new ones. There will be no place of fear and problems. Those blessed with a strong spirit will have a feeling of complete satisfaction and peace... The hand of God will eclipse the sun and make November an intense month for almost everyone.

November 13 is the perfect time for the eclipse - this time is the quickened ascension in life, which will give you immense energy to show verbal and telepathic efforts. Especially, this eclipse will bring changes for water signs like Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, mystery and water is like Son and Daughter.

As a ritual, all eclipses are sync with provident, many planets eclipse the sun every year but the most powerful is the Total solar eclipse, it covers the sun like God stopping sunshine with his hand to show his presence. Eclipses are designed to change mental, physical and spiritual vibrations, which affects the human perspective. Although, the effect works secretly and sometimes it changes the omen to make beginning more effective.

A total eclipse on 2012 November 13th, will make some extreme changes in dichotomies and mutation of all things upon the Earth. The eclipse will provide the cosmic inflammation to Saturn, setting its young transit in Scorpio.

Scorpio reddened and it will have an incapacitating affect upon those who have attempted to sabotage human race's foreordained development. A quivering divide will embark on which will separate lower trembling beings from their higher similitude, to include, and especially in the physical and mental senses. With renaissance being a virile theme, look for life to become far more supreme beyond the shadow of this Scorpio solar eclipse!

Expect the following types of Scorpio solar eclipse synchronicities: supernatural psychic activations, literal and metaphorical deaths, total transformations of material circumstances, great transferences of power, investigations that shock and cause outcry, necessary and favorable conversions of resources, the relentless exposure of evil, crime, and secrecy, the purging of corruption, medical traumas and the sudden awareness of disease, sacred and paradigm ending revelations, sudden appropriations of wealth, great disruptions to secret societies, the breaking of entanglements, the deepening of spiritual devotion, breakthroughs in psychotherapy, the enforcement of accountability, public shaming's, and revivals of health.

The blackout will evoke a new beginning. The double effect of this eclipse, and of Saturn's transit in Scorpio, will work to separate people based on their Aura color polarity. People will begin to detach and attach in the most familiar ways that will allow new strengths to come up. As a result, those of a poor Aura will find themselves unbelievably confined and amidst impossibly difficult circumstances while others of a higher Aura will enjoy an authorized and beautifying transformation that will allow them to advance in life and serve God's will for our race and planet.