10 things which lockdown can teach about life

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We are all confined to the four walls of our home for another 21 days due to nation lockdown! Where in the first quarantine phase, some people were still figuring out what to do what not to do, there was a section which took advantage of the time and worked towards making life better in many ways!


For the lazy ones or who are already fed up with this setup, are clueless about what to do, you still have a lot to do during this lockdown. Especially when it comes to you as a person.


Did you ever think of changing some of your habits which are hampering your personal life?


As humans development and change is inevitable even when you are asked to stay at home! This constant phenomena of life is still on even if the economic race tracks are paused.


Most of us think we know ourselves but there is a lot more we need to explore inside us.

So, to help you put this quarantine time to good use here is a list of what you can do…….


Value the Universe

The universe is the cradle that has taken care of us but in return, we took away everything from it. We completely changed its usual course, interrupted its vibes, misused its power and in return depleted it to the level it could take no more. In the ruthless development, we failed to realise the importance of the Universe, Karma and nature. So, now that universe has pressed a reset button, we all need to understand and recheck our ecological footprint.


The astrological planets also affect different aspects of life and are directly linked to our lives and deeds. To know more about this connection. Ask the experts now. 


Stand by each other

It is at this time of trial one gets to know their true self and the others too. When businesses have slowed down, jobs are at stake and people are struggling to make ends meet, one should learn the importance of family and emotional support. You need to be with your loved ones and share the load. Cherish that you and your family are safe and together. Help your family with daily chores and also to save money. Suggest financial ideas and ways to resume at a good position when the nation is back to work.


Loved ones should not let the distance make space in the relationship. Trust your bond and wait for a fruitful time. It is also a period when a lot of people start to get frustrated and end up ruining their relationship. Never let this time take a troll of you. Calm yourself down, understand that we are all into this and refrain from losing your temper. Inculcate patience and compassion in self. Do not give up on your loved ones.


Mental rejuvenation

You can sit and ponder over your mental state and try to understand where you are going wrong. You are your best teacher so make sure you shed the mental stress that you have in your mind. Being stressed is the biggest disease that can eat a person. So, opt for measures like yoga, meditation and self-healing to mentally stay calm and also be strong to deal with any kind of adversity.


Handle disappointment

It is very easy to criticise someone but it is equally difficult to handle disappointment or the same kind of criticism. Since you have ample time to take care of your health, then shift your concern towards emotionally developing yourself. Learn to be stronger when it comes to emotions and acceptance. We are all unique in some or the other way, so we should respect that and make sure we do not lose our cool.


 Love yourself

In the race to keep up to the expectation of our family, friends, and colleagues we end up losing ourselves. Sitting at home for a couple of days, start to value yourself. The fast pace of the world often makes the person forget to pamper yourself or even feel good about your achievements. The constant efforts to please people makes the person more vulnerable to do things which can make them stop loving themselves. So, at this time when you are with your loved ones and family, feel good, rest and also stay safe and healthy.


Future planning

We often complain that we do not get time to plan our future or even analyse it. You asked for it and now you have it in bulk. It is a good time to sit and look out for your future prospects whether you are a student, employee, employer, a business house or a homemaker. The expert astrologers at Astroyogi are experienced and can be your life coach. Ask them questions related to your past, present, future to take precautions and get predictions and remedies related to different aspects of life.


Self-alteration is the best medicine to make life better! 


Importance of togetherness

Family is very important in our life. They lay the foundation of our existence. Whether it is the blood relation or people who have become your family overtime, they are responsible for the happiness in life in some or the other way. Lately, people across the world have been busy due to work. Some had left their native place and gone to work somewhere else but the lockdown has brought back all the wandering birds to their nests for the time being. So value this time spent with your loved ones. Togetherness leads to more positivity, better understanding and strength to fight the tough times.


So, join together to fight this pandemic!



We have always focused on taking things from Mother Nature but never thought of thanking the universe for it. During this pause, let us value all that the world and nature have given us and learn not to misuse it anymore. At home, one should be grateful for what they have and are safe from this pandemic. Even in astrology, they say gratitude is the best way to pacify planets and also to seek their blessings for a better life. This is what time can teach about life. 


Take up a new study

While most of you have ample time to do nothing at home why not pick up a new hobby or study. You can go ahead to enhance your skills in a particular activity or even study new subjects you have always been interested in. You can even take online courses. Not a bad idea right???


Astrological Consultation

A lot of people have been interested in astrology and have always been eager to know about what life holds for them in future. But due to the busy schedule, they lacked time to do so. Since now we all are enjoying the privilege of sitting at home, you can speak to astrologers freely without any time limit, ask questions, seek advice and also plan your future. You can even ask about your loved ones and other aspects of life in detail.


So, before you sulk that the nation is locked for another set of days and we have nothing to do, read this article, work on yourself as a person or talk to our expert astrologers and explore the hidden side of life during nation lockdown.


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