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Astro Vishnu

Astro Vishnu



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About Me

Astro Vishnu is a professional astrologer with 16 years of spiritual expertise in Vedic and Prashna astrology. Vedic Astrology is a tool that unveils the world's hidden secrets and makes sense of the visible ones. As he became acquainted with The World of Astrology, he embarked on a journey of truth and clarity, enlightening his way to a joyful existence among the turmoil of the world. He studied Veda mantras in a well-known institute. He is skilled at reading birth charts, Vastu Shastra, and Prashna, and he reads, interacts with, and answers the client's difficulties. He has strong intuitions that enable him to link properly to Vedic Birth Charts and provide clients with an effective way to the right advice.

With his readings, he has assisted customers from all across India and the world. Clients benefit from his understanding of subconscious mind techniques such as switchwords and healing numbers, as well as spiritual modalities. He specialises in Love & Relationships, Career, Money & Investments, Marriage & Divorce Problems, Work Problems, Birth Chart Problems Prediction, and solutions for all problems.