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About Me

Astro Ved is a certified Vedic Astrologer and Numerologist with 7 years of expertise. His expertise covers advice on love, relationships, job, and financial matters, among other things. After enduring numerous adversities as a youngster, he ultimately decided to come out and try to obtain a horoscope and other spiritual knowledge to solve all of life’s issues. He was adamant about knowing everything. Many of these unique supernatural abilities were bestowed on him as a child. Still, he had to wait until maturity to be more cautious, willing to shoulder the great burden of attempting to be responsible and beneficial to others.


After a few years, he learned astrology and began practicing it religiously to create a spiritual connection with his horoscope. During his studies, he enjoyed the astrology his guruji taught him, as well as what he told him "Be a light to assist the poor. Make a modest but meaningful impact in someone's life”. His interest in the field tripled as a result of the words. He chose to study astrology, especially counseling, which has only enhanced his talents and personality to assist others. Later on, he learned additional skills such as astrology and ritual analysis, horoscope predictions, Prashna Kundli, etc. These abilities have enabled him to provide the finest possible service to his clients. He believes the greatest method to assist the client is to offer them comfort and firm confidence that they are doing their best and that there is always space for growth. His clientele is a diverse group, and they have always been supportive and offered positive feedback.