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About Me

Astro Rakkesh is blessed with religious intellect and rich moral values. With excellent knowledge about Astrology, he deeply studies & identifies aspects of an individual’s life. He is a qualified Vedic Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu and Spiritual guide who gives precise horoscope readings through a range of mediums and guides using numerous other occult sciences. His first guru was his grandfather whose teachings had a very positive impact on his life. He considers his grandfather and guru as his pioneer who helped him learn & study astrology in-depth and blessed to practice it for the benefit of mankind. Rakkesh Chandra is amongst India’s most renowned & popular online astrologers who is professionally certified and offers precise & accurate guidance to all his clients. He encourages them to move towards a positive & healthy life both physically & mentally. Over the years, he has helped many individuals to lead them towards the path of happiness, peace, prosperity & success. Rakkesh Chandra never considered the study of Astrology as scripture or religious entity. He continuously believed there is somewhat more than this. Astrology is a ‘Science’. His elegance of understanding the planetary position & their influence in human’s life is purely methodical which entices the present generation as it links with their ‘logical’ thinking. Today, not only from India but people from across the globe consult him to get the solutions for difficulties related to their life, career, business and family relations and many personal and complicated issues. He is also popular among many celebrities for their career guidance & film predictions. Besides his Astrology qualifications, Rakkesh Chandra is also an MA in Sociology field & has completed his MBA in Human Resources. He has worked in defence, IT industry before practising astrology. The dream of Rakkesh Chandra’s life is to resolve the difficulties of people with this scientific godsend called ‘Astrology’. He also sought to overcome the cliché philosophies in society about astrology. He does not give just the answer to problems but also explains the rationale & scientific joining of it. So why wait and keep worrying about the problems that you are facing in your life. Let your life also enjoy this era of experience & knowing the future guidance with this skill – Astrology. Finally, his approach to Astrology is as suggested by his Guru's famous quote, "One can't manage his fate, but the management of fate can be done."