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Astro A Janarthanan

Astro A Janarthanan


Vedic, Prashna

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About Me

I am "Jothisha Vachaspathi" Astro A Janarthanan have born and brought up in the Hindu Traditional Vaishnava Sampradaya family. I am from the family of Astrologers and Priests of Vaishnava Sampradaya. My maternal grandfather was well known Vedic Astrologer, Priest and Siddha Doctor in his era. The decision of Lord Sri Krishna and the blessings of my forefathers brought the passion for astrology in my blood through their genes. I am practicing Vedic Astrology and Prashanna Kundali Astrology for almost 14 years now. I have done my post-graduation in Astrology (MA ASTROLOGY) from Annamalai University, Tamilnadu with "I Class". I have learned various Astrological methods like Vedic Astrology, JAMAKKOL PRASHANNAM, CHOLI PRASHANNAM, BETAL LEAF PRASHANNAM, Astrology prediction by DEGREE METHOD, CHANDRA NADI, RAHU KETU NODES, and other Astrological methods to give accurate predictions from Nobel Gurujis and through their Literature. I have been awarded the title "JYOTHISHA VACHASPATHI" by Saptharishi Astrological Institute. And I also have been awarded other titles "JYOTHISHA ACHARYA in CHANDRA NADI", "PRASANNA JYOTHISHA RATNA", "NADI JYOTHIDA VIDHAGAR", "PARIGARA CHEMMAL" and many other Titles and Awards from reputed Astrological organizations after undergoing various Gurukula Trainings. I keep on updating my knowledge and skills in Astrology by having periodical discussions and meets up with noble Astrologers, renowned Gurujis and attending Astrological conferences. I am excelled in various fields of astrology like Birth Chart writing, Birth chart analysis, Health Analysis, Education Analysis, Job and Career Analysis, Business Analysis, Economy and Monetary Analysis, Marriage Analysis, Horoscopes matching, Child Birth Analysis, Relationship Analysis and analyzing other areas of day to day life. I can provide you astrological help with suitable easy home and temple remedies (if required), to break the scotch of life-based on your birth chart analysis and various Prashannam methods. It may help you to improve your Personality, Health, Job, Career, Business, Wealth, Marriage life, Relationship, Family Happiness, Marriage life, concerns related to offspring and day to day life. The Predictions and suggestions that I have provided have immensely helped many of my clients to lead a peaceful life. My knowledge in astrology and prediction will guide you in the right direction which may help you to take the right decision.