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Ramanathan Iyer

Vedic Astrology, Vaastu

Ramanathan Iyer
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I am a Tamil Brahmin Iyer with Roots from God's Own Country of 'Kerala'. I got Divine Insights of Spirituality from my Dear Mother and I took Deeksha for Panchamukhi Hanuman Ji Bhagwaan and Devon Ke Dev Bholenath Mahadev to Embark on the Path of Jyotish & I learnt Jyotish from My Family Jyotish Gurudev Shri. Varkhedkar Maharaj. I am a B.E MBA with Great Work Experience in The Private & Corporate Sector. I am extremely fortunate to sometimes serve as Pujari for Ganesh Bhagwaan & Devon Ke Dev Bholenath Mahadev in their Mandir(s). I am a Motivational Success Coach, Consultant, Researcher, Learner, Teacher, & Guide to People of Varied Age Groups from Diverse Backgrounds. I Believe in & Offer My Dutiful Solutions with Truth & Purity as the Fundamental Tenets. I provide Solutions for Health, Finance, Education, Business, Career/Job/Profession, Relations, Marriage Compatibility Matching et al. I provide guidance and suggest remedial measures for per the Specific Area(s) of the Horoscope to Heal and improve it and much more. I use Music as a Divine Sacred Therapy to Help. Prevention is better than Cure and Health is the Primary Wealth. I Provide Name Analysis and Name (Naamkaran) Consultation for New Born Children based on Astrology & Numerology. "There is no better boat than Horoscope to help a person cross over the Sea of Life" - Guru Varaha Mihira

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