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Money Back Guarantee
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Pt Anil Dutt Sharma
Vedic Astrology
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Pt Anil Dutt Sharma

I have more than 17 years of experience in Astrology. I have clients based all over the world who have benefited from my timely suggestions. I specialize in match making reports, business reports, career reports, relationship questions and other queries related to Vedic astrology. I provide guidance with the help of this science, which helps you take a much better decision. I can provide you effective Vedic remedies and mantra healing for your problems.

Time Availability : 9:00 Am to 10:00 pm Every day

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Solan Himachal Pradesh

Rate & Review
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  By Miteshkumar M Patel 11 Feb 2018

very good conversation.. kind approach and predicts with time ... waiting for prediction to come true

  By Mohammed Ashar Raoof 09 Feb 2018

Very precise and accurate prediction. 5 stars. Definitely recommended.

  By 21 Jan 2018

  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 13 Jan 2018


  By Avishek Jana 08 Jan 2018

It was a good conversation with Pt. Anil Ji, he has predicts some thing in future for me so needs to be checked, otherwise it was a overall good conversation with him.

  By digvijay singh chauhan 05 Jan 2018

very accurate prediction and very positive response

  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 06 Jan 2018

Good analysis :)

  By Shailendra 04 Jan 2018

Very understanding and good knowledge Highly recommended!

  By Karan Mehra 11 Dec 2017

Thank you for the guidance

  By mohan 15 Nov 2017

Clear and precise predictions.

  By Madhu 16 Nov 2017

  By Manoj Gupta 21 Nov 2017

  By Madhu 01 Oct 2017

Good, detailed consultation.

  By Asf 19 Sep 2017

Clear explanation

  By Usha Janakiraman 06 Sep 2017

5 stars. Excellent experience

  By Abhishek 14 Aug 2017

Excellent explanation followed by simple remedies. Hope things work out as suggested.

  By Kiran lyall 07 Jun 2017

Great conversation and pretty much on point.

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 12 May 2017

Very helpful, very positive analysis

  By smaranika 17 May 2017

Good Prediction

  By Rahul 04 May 2017

accurate predicitons. very posiitve experience. Apt analysis.

  By Nitesh Kumar 02 May 2017

One word to describe Anil ji - Excellent! I'm happy that I consulted him & received a lot of knowledge. He helped me in clearing my confusions. His suggested remedies are very easy to follow & fully based on vedic system.

  By Swati Kumari 24 Apr 2017

Very good,so polite and very helpful.

  By manmeet virdee 21 Apr 2017

Very good and so calm and explains everything so well

  By INDRANEIL 31 Mar 2017

Very good reasoning and clarity

  By Kirti Panwar 29 Mar 2017


  By indu 31 Mar 2017

he is good. very helpful.

  By manisha kardam 11 Apr 2017


  By Sil 15 Apr 2017


  By Satyajeet 17 Mar 2017

Precise and to to the point. Explained the reasoning very well

  By Shree raja 11 Mar 2017

Very honest ,to the point .dont waste time at all . Simple remedies .highly recommend

  By Rahul 07 Mar 2017

100% correct predictions. Logical, methodical approach towards problems. Easy going, honest remedies.

  By digvijay singh chauhan 09 Feb 2017

very soft spoken and always gives positive advice.

  By Rahul 31 Jan 2017

Very positive experinece, logical, rational apt remedies suggested. highly reocmmended.

  By 17 Jan 2017

Good analysis and advice. Thank you for your help

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 12 Jan 2017

Logics told were very much understandable

  By priyanshi sahu 10 Jan 2017

It was good session.

  By Moushumi 29 Nov 2016

Good knowledge and very polite...very good

  By suman 25 Nov 2016

  By Rakesh P 06 Nov 2016

Very patient and pleasing to listen to.

  By Devender Singh 11 Oct 2016

Very polite and reply in details.

  By sandeep 06 Oct 2016

very nyc way of communication,point to point talk

  By A M 07 Oct 2016

Wonderful to talk and receive guidance from.

  By Nishant Mehta 11 Sep 2016

Very good judgement.

  By Jiya Y 26 Apr 2016

Very Good

  By Jay 03 Feb 2016

was in attentive and probably was looking at someone else's horoscope rather than mine. when i pointed the matter, call was cut!

  By santanu das 04 Jan 2016

It was really nice speaking with him,he spoke with clarity and precision which was the most important thing I was looking for.

  By Sourav Nath 07 Jan 2016

He is extremely polite . I felt that he has a very good knowledge and is very very positive person. I hope his predictions to come true in my Life. He knows English and Hindi very well and very frank not like other astrologers wasting time and all. Thanks.

  By Vaibhav Bhargava 11 Jan 2016

Good astrologer

  By Sourav Nath 07 Jan 2016

He is extremely polite and knowledgeable person. He is very very positive and to the point. He knows both Hindi and English very well. I wish his predictions to come true in my life. I liked my telephonic session with him and I have gained extra positive energy. Thanks .

  By meena Kapoor 28 Dec 2015

good astrologer

  By Shikha 13 Dec 2015


  By Vinayak Raman Sharma 07 Jul 2015 the point and ease in communication