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Parminder Singh

Vedic Astrology

Parminder Singh
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Basically from technical background with passion in astrology since childhood. Have been formally into Vedic Astrology Lal kitab Astrology , Nadi techniques and, Vaastu for almost an decade. Have provided guidance and remedies to thousands of people on various issues like Relationships, Career, Health, Finance and Education and foreign travel & settlement. I have learnt through various mentors and Gurus like Acharya Menon, Pandit Sanjay Rath and I am indebted to all of them for imparting the light of Jyotish to me. Jyotish is the guiding light that helps us in making the right decision at right time and also help us grow spiritually by knowing our true potential. Astrology helps us by telling us about the roadblocks ahead and make the necessary twists & turns in our life both internally and externally to keep moving ahead in life. Jyotish helps us in understanding our past life karmas and how we can improve them in this lifetime by removing our weaknesses and choosing the right path that lead us to our greatest well-being. I believe that a good astrologer should be able to predict things about your past and present before moving into prediction part. So before moving into prediction part I correlate the chart with native's personality and life events by asking 2 - 3 questions to see whether the Rasi chart planet placements are to be taken as final or the chalit planets are to be taken. When the degree of ascendant is less, then this practice becomes essential, as the whole chart chances within a minute or two. I believe in giving simple, cost-effective yet powerful remedy using Vedic as well as Vaastu measures that have been tested over time to work. There are various types of remedies namely : Mantra (Satvik) ,Lifestyle & attitude changes (Satvik), Donation (Rajasik) ,Gemstones (Tamsik) and Vaastu remedies. In modern times not everyone has that much time and patience to do mantras, so life style changes and attitude changes along with donations done on specific days help as per the day and hora of the planet involved are the best. Gemstone solution is for those who do not find the above 2 methods viable for them. Personally among these remedies,Vaastu remedies have been most helpful as per my experience .A remedy is like a prayer so it should be done with devotional & positive attitude without any arrogance, negative thoughts so as to get fulfilled.


Prabhjot Kaur Banga

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Manveer Bajwa

Thursday, April 18, 2019

good and acurate predictions , satisfied, highly recomended
sindhujavns4799 singh

Thursday, April 11, 2019


Friday, April 5, 2019

He has good knowledge of astrology... Things he predicted were correct and gave me easy remedies. Thanks..
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