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Astrologer Simran
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Astrologer Simran

I am an astrologer who possesses good knowledge and experience of astrology as well as Tarot reading. I completed my graduation in French, masters in Astrology and is now pursuing my PhD in Astrology. I believe astrology can be devised get insights about our future. Astrology came into my life as a blessing. As a French teacher. I was very much interested to know how these planets which are so far from us, can influence our life so much, then this interest covert into a passion. I went deep into the astrology and got my answer, then again I was confused regarding remedies and their effect, but when I have tried these remedies and made sure that they really work, then I did deep practical research on human beings and effect of planet in their life, and my guidance and remedies have helped a lot of people to come out of their problems. I was awarded as Jyotish Bhushan by great astrologers Ajay Bhambhi, Dr H.S Rawat AND Acharya Dr Dalip Kumar. When I was delving deep into astrology I also gained interest about Tarot Reading, then I started researching about the same, and found out that it is another powerful divination method. By tarot reading I connect myself to the positive energy of the universe, from where I draw the insights and power to answer the questions of my clients, tarot reading is a great medium to find more about one's destiny and to lead a right path. One can ask questions about his/her career, love matters, marriage, children, and education. I will need your current location your name and your place of birth. I do Angel Tarot Reading, in which I use 3 cards which would represent your past, present and future. Then yes or no card for the specific question, then in last the suggestion card, which provides a proper suggestion to the client. I also do numerology, with the magic of numbers and slightly changes in your name can bring lots of positive changes into life.. numerological advice has changed alot of people's little numerological remedies you will able to attract positive vibration from universe.. my main focus is to make your account of karma balance in this birth. I am cent percent honest with my clients and never hide or manipulate facts with them.

Time Availability : 24 hours

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Delhi

Rate & Review
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  By indranil mukherjee 20 Feb 2018

Suggestions are good

  By Sudha 20 Feb 2018

Accurate predictios

  By Sudha 20 Feb 2018

Her predictions are accurate.

  By Abhishek Vanny 17 Feb 2018

  By Rupal Gambhir 13 Feb 2018

She is really impressive, really a kind person who will listen to your problems patiently and will provide appropriate solutions, having very good knowledge. It was pleasure to talk to you Ma’am. Thanks a lot.

  By ashish 11 Feb 2018

She is quite good with her knowledge in astrology. Really impressed.

  By VINEETH VIJAYAN 04 Feb 2018

  By Web Lynkx 03 Feb 2018

Thank You...!

  By 03 Feb 2018

  By Sandeep Singh 03 Feb 2018

You r the best .... astro

  By Sumit 01 Feb 2018


It's my pleasure to talk with Simran mam. She is great and very kindable, the way she talk is very nice. I have no words to thanks for your valuable predictions about my future life. And 100% accurate guess about my past. Your suggesstions will really help me to take necessary decisions in my future life. Thanks is really small word for u mam. And thanks to Astroyogi to provide these facility and


good astrologer


Very good practicaly sugesstion

  By Sandeep Singh 21 Jan 2018

Very nice very accurate and very knowledgeable

  By Sania bagai 16 Jan 2018

  By Jayee Kam 14 Jan 2018

A well educated and knowledgable astrologer showing right path



  By 07 Jan 2018

  By Satyendra Kumar Yadav 02 Jan 2018

  By Sunil Ramnani 01 Jan 2018

  By 28 Dec 2017

Great astrologer with positive attitude and in depth knowledge..will consult you in future as well Maam thanku so much for your guidance

  By 28 Dec 2017

  By 19 Dec 2017

  By 14 Dec 2017

She is honest

  By 14 Dec 2017

She is honest

  By Jaya 14 Dec 2017

  By venkat raman 15 Dec 2017

you have been quite helpful inyour observation venkatraman

  By 06 Dec 2017

  By Prem Baboo 17 Nov 2017

  By 17 Nov 2017

  By Ayan 18 Nov 2017

Her way of talking is really polite and gentle. Looks the problem into more practical aspect rather than simply relying on astrology. I hope time will say if her predictions are correct

  By srikanth athreya 19 Nov 2017

It was great talking to her!

  By ashish sood 19 Nov 2017

  By 21 Nov 2017

  By Priyanka Verma 22 Nov 2017

Very clear in prediction and trustworthy person.

  By Priyanka Verma 22 Nov 2017

Very clear in prediction and trustworthy person.

  By sonali 26 Nov 2017

  By Rajeev Monga 02 Dec 2017

Excellent.. I got the overall information on my Queries.. Good Job !!

  By Prem Baboo 17 Nov 2017

She is very good astrologer. She speaks the truth. She doesn't misguide. She is also very good consultant. Im very impressed and satisfied with her guidance.

  By SUMEDH BHARDWAJ 14 Nov 2017

Very accurate related to my past. Hope her predictions for future turn correct.

  By Sunil 09 Nov 2017

Jyotishi simran is very knowledgable and I m very thankful to her for accurate prediction .

  By Sunil 07 Nov 2017


  By Bijal Porecha 28 Sep 2017

Thank you .....relates to the situation very well....very nice experience...loved her



  By ?????? 23 Oct 2017

  By sonali 18 Oct 2017

  By sugandha 18 Oct 2017

It was pleasure to talk with Simran Ji. At least me feeling very relaxed.She has good knowledge and above all is friendly and shows empathy.I will surely go with her next time.

  By 13 Sep 2017

It was a pleasure to speak with Simranji.

  By Surabhi 01 Sep 2017

She is a well spoken lady. And she relates the problem in life well and gives good solution..

  By Hari Chhetry 24 Jul 2017

She has good knowledge and above all is friendly and shows empathy.

  By sanjeev zetly 24 Aug 2017

It was nice talking to you.Really feeling great talking to you.I will take care of ur suggestions. Hope to talk to you soon.

  By Rajesh jain 27 Jul 2017

It was a nice experience to talk to her, to the point. Spoken to her twice looking forward to talk again.

  By Nikita Mehrotra 25 Jul 2017

Very prompt & accurate replies

  By Ira Dutta 24 Jul 2017

very helpful and positive

  By Amit Pal 20 Jul 2017

Very correct reading. Thank u very much mam.. Feeling satisfactory with talking u

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 20 Jul 2017

Explained in simplified way and very accurate

  By Ritesh S Lohiya 20 Jul 2017

Very accurate

  By Simran sehgal 19 Jul 2017

She is good