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Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu

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ivek Chopra gained name and fame as an astrologer and vaastu consultant. His insightful guidance using these occult tools helped businessmen, celebrities and people from all walks of life to find direction and momentum in their lives. His fame caught attention of newspapers and TV channels who invited to speak and do shows. Today Vivek has millions of followers throughout the world. Some people believe in fate and that a man’s destiny is written before he is born. Jyotish and vedic astrology do prove this to some extent. An individual’s horoscope may have some malefic planets and he may be experiencing the effects of actions in his past life, but there is always a solution. Astro Vastu World finds that solution for you. An individual is a representation of the cosmic universe since he contains the panch tattvas (five elements) inside him. If there is balance inside and outside, a person progresses. Sometimes there are internal and external blockages.

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