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Dr Uttara Sharma

Vedic Astrology

Dr Uttara Sharma
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Dr Uttara Sharma is one of the most knowledgeable KP Astrologer in India today. She has around 34 years of experience in KP Method and Vedic Astrology. Dr Uttara Sharma has done M.A. (Sanskrit), B.Ed., M.Ed. and P.H.D. in Medical Astrology (2012). She also taught Astrology at Rajasthan Vidya Peeth, Udaipur. Dr Uttara has done extensive research on astrological reasons for Polio and Paralysis disease during her doctorate on Medical Astrology. She has also done extensive research on marital relationship and happiness. She has analysed 300-400 horoscopes of different Ascendant & Nakshatra and presented various papers on this topic.

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