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Pt. Amarmani Tripathi
Vedic Astrology
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Pt. Amarmani Tripathi

Pt. Amar Mani Tripathi is a respectable man well known in the field of Vedic Astrology. He gained his knowledge in astrology from his Guru, Dr. B.N. Ojha (RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA UNIVERSITY). He started his astrological career in the year 2009 and later he also learned the greatest provenance of astrology under the guidance of some great astrologers from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan (New Delhi, India). Pt. AMAR MANI TRIPATHI also contributes in the popular print media (like India-News, Kadambini, Prabhat Khabar, Lokmaya, Aap Ka Bhavishya, Tantra Darshan, Muktkantha etc.) His predictions are based on Vedic astrology principles and modern astrological techniques. Most of his predictions are accurate and in a few cases he has also given predictions regarding our country and political matters.

Time Availability : 7am to 9pm

Language : Hindi

Location : Lucknow

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  By Sumit 17 Jan 2018

  By Sumit 12 Jan 2018

  By Ruby 12 Jan 2018

very insightful and very true predictions. Really liked the way he provided me the remedies and solutions.

  By shruti 08 Jan 2018

Detail description of planets position was provided and also helpful remedies to make weak the ill effect of planets. Thanks Guruji

  By 08 Jan 2018

Guidance is really very good.

  By ifs 2017-18 09 Jan 2018

very accurate predictions..Also the remedies provided by him are effective.

  By Parul Bajpai 08 Jan 2018

Correct predictions. Will consult him again

  By Parul Bajpai 08 Jan 2018

Good prediction

  By Karan Mehra 07 Jan 2018

Very Helpful and Patient with my queries


Very good predictions

  By shruti 04 Jan 2018

Very nice approach to explain things good remedy

  By Rajat 01 Jan 2018

Very nice to talk to.

  By Himanshu 03 Jan 2018

  By bikas ranjan panda 25 Dec 2017

  By Shabnam Zaman 23 Dec 2017


  By Ankita V 08 Dec 2017

Very Good. Ajit

  By shruti 09 Dec 2017

Remedy provided by pt. Amarmani tripathi works. 100% result. Thankyou panditji for your help and providing remedies in less cost.

  By Chatrapati kavalapure 10 Dec 2017

  By murari sharma 15 Nov 2017

  By Anil Sharma 16 Nov 2017

  By 22 Nov 2017

  By 22 Nov 2017

  By 23 Nov 2017

He was very much confused and unclear. Didn't like the session

  By MrutyunjayPattanaik 05 Dec 2017

  By Shabnam Zaman 26 Nov 2017

Very nice remideis,I always consult to him

  By sonali 28 Nov 2017

  By sonali 15 Nov 2017

  By jijnasa panigrahi 10 Nov 2017

Mentally relief now

  By hari prasad 07 Nov 2017

overall nice & accurate prediction.

  By sonali 01 Nov 2017

  By Avisek 10 Oct 2017

Very good

  By 29 Oct 2017

  By sonali 27 Oct 2017


V good. believe

  By 10 Oct 2017

  By garima 06 Oct 2017

Wonderful session with pt amarnath tripathi ji. Very understanding and patient.

  By Shabnam Zaman 22 Sep 2017

Yes good experience,

  By Sandip Basu 27 Jul 2017

Good experience.

  By Amitabh Mukherjee 26 Jul 2017

Good experience. Gave nice solutions.

  By malika porwal 23 Jul 2017

very nice ....talikng to him..

  By 17 Jul 2017

He is very polite & helpful.

  By Bharat kamal sharma 28 Jun 2017

Only reasonable person who is not after money nd does not waste time. Has predicted few things lets keep one star for later

  By Ishan Srivastava 07 Jun 2017

Speaking to Pt. Tripathi gave me much clarity regarding my career and other future aspirations.

  By 24 May 2017

Very good , his production has come true today , highly recomanded

  By Supreet Banarjee 22 May 2017

Not good

  By Suruchi Sharma Kapoor 06 May 2017

Very much satisfied. Thank you Acharaya ji for your guidance and advice

  By Chandramani Tiwari 12 May 2017

Very courtesy, detailed and crisp answer to the questions. I enjoyed the conversation

  By sanjay sablok 13 May 2017

poor communication & lack of clarity in thoughts

  By Akhilesh Kalra 13 May 2017

Good knowledgeable astrologer

  By SUMIT BHAGAT 23 Apr 2017

very much satisfied talking to maharaj ji.

  By puneet Sethi 31 Mar 2017

Thank you pandit ji for your advice and help

  By smaranika 10 Apr 2017

Good to talk

  By nitin verma 10 Apr 2017

very accurate with transit forecast

  By Shabnam Zaman 16 Apr 2017


  By Nitu 13 Apr 2017

Good experience

  By puneet Sethi 02 Apr 2017

Thank you pandit ji for your advice and help

  By Ashish K Sharma 29 Mar 2017

Gave satisfactory replies. To the point.

  By Shree raja 28 Mar 2017


  By Richa Popli Sandilaya 25 Mar 2017

gives short and precise answers.. satisfied

  By Priyanka Sharma 22 Mar 2017

Didn't answer many of my queries.

  By Ajay Mahajan 22 Mar 2017

Very much satisfied

  By Subhashish Ray 21 Mar 2017

good experience!

  By 14 Mar 2017

Very accurate predictions, felt satisfied after talking with Tripathi Ji. He provided simple solutions.

  By 15 Mar 2017

Very good advise and astro guidance. Thank you

  By . . 03 Mar 2017


  By MUNISH WALIA 04 Mar 2017

Very good astrologer. Feels good talking to him. Understood my situation and gave me remedies which I will start soon. Thanks PT ji. Will talk to you soon..

  By priyanshi sahu 02 Mar 2017

He is a knowledgeable person.

  By Gajanan Kamat 02 Mar 2017


  By nitin verma 01 Mar 2017

very good & accurate

  By prakash 01 Mar 2017

thanks Panditji it was a great experience talking to you . i wish to be in touch with you for more help.

  By Sil 25 Feb 2017


  By kanika 25 Feb 2017

good astrologer

  By Garaga srividya 26 Feb 2017

Mr.tripathi ji is accurate in his readings And is also a very positive person. I am glad i spoke to him.

  By bikas ranjan panda 27 Feb 2017

Very good Astrologer