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Money Back Guarantee
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Verified Expert Astrologers
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Alka Astro
Vedic Astrology, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Fengshui & Vastu
Offline ₹ 50 Per Min

Alka Astro

A well-known renowned established astrologer and spiritual guide in India showing the right and virtuous path to people connecting the role of karma and rebirth in the sufferings of life through astrology and religious guidance. At the age of 50 she has earned these experiences and by the blessings of her great gurus and now she is spreading the knowledge. Her aim is to spread true knowledge and break the bonds of superstitions and narrow mindedness, by which a peaceful and healthy life is lived. She has been honored by Certificates of bible courses in 1978, 1980 and 1981, Certificate of recognition by World Bible School, America in 1981, Asso. Director of Reincarnation and Astrological Institute, FBD, India and much more. She has a good command on Vaastu, Reiki, Numerology, Career problems, Marriage problems and etc.

Time Availability : Everyday 7 am to 10 am & 12 pm to 11 pm

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Delhi

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  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 19 Jan 2018

She is really good

  By john 07 Jan 2018

Nice to talk to her. Value for money. She doesn't waste time.

  By tina v 11 Oct 2017

Accurate, personal and best astrologer i have ever come across. She is someone who will understand your concern and her remedies are 100% helpful. She talks logic,sense and has ocean depth knowledge which is seldom seen in this era. I highly recommend her to everybody who is in search of true and genuine predictions. She is honestly the best thank you maam

  By Sandeep 08 Oct 2017

Best astrologer

  By gulam ashraf 05 Oct 2017

Good experience. Thankyou Mam

  By Sonam Reen 10 Oct 2016

Satisfied with the reading and look forward for more astro guidance

  By Annamma Renu 19 Sep 2016

It was nice speaking with her.

  By swati 08 Jun 2016

It was a great experience while talking with mam...she give me right direction and so friendly

  By S 16 Mar 2016

She's quite good.

  By surya 18 Jan 2016

Provided all information accurately ,best astrologer in astroyogi I have talked so far