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Acharya Nanak Dhawan
Vedic Astrology
Offline ₹ 40 Per Min

Acharya Nanak Dhawan

Acharya Nanak Dhawan is a renowned Vedic astrologer. After completing his Masters in Mathematics, he completed his degree in Acharyaship from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi under the guidance of Shri K N Rao. He is in the field of astrology for the past one decade.He aims at helping people in different areas like love, marriage, career, match -making, business, education and health by means of astrology. Many of his clients have benefitted from his predictions and suggestions.Since he is a strong believer of prashna kundli (hora chart) and shakun shastra (omen), he mostly applies his Vedic experience to help his clients resolve various problematic issues. He provides the best remedies and accurate predictions through his knowledge of astrology

Time Availability : 9 am to 6 pm and 9 pm to 12 am

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Delhi

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  By Mrittika Roy Chowdhury 13 Jan 2018


  By Vandhana 11 Jan 2018

  By 02 Jan 2018

Sir give me full details about my future

  By Pooja 28 Dec 2017

  By Pooja 02 Dec 2017

  By rahul 24 Oct 2017


  By urvi 24 Oct 2017

Quite accurate in assessing the situation and provides honest and straightforward answers

  By urvi 28 Oct 2017

Confident and gives straightforward answers

  By gargi 06 Sep 2017

Confident and good predictions.It was a pleasure to talk.

  By digvijay singh chauhan 22 Aug 2017

very accurate and soft spoken person. very highly recommended,was waiting for him to return soon on astroyogi

  By Esha Pruthi 23 May 2017

Easy to talk to and accurate in his predictions. I am going to be calling him again.

  By Bhawana 03 May 2017


  By Rahul 03 Apr 2017

veyr effective,honest, apt remedies. Awsome correct predictions. Highly Recommended.

  By Shree raja 09 Apr 2017

Very honest, apt , straightforward,to the point.sincere in his predictions .

  By Rahul 13 Apr 2017

apt, positive, honest discussion. highly recommended.

  By smaranika 16 Apr 2017

Good advice given by him

  By digvijay singh chauhan 16 Mar 2017

Very positive apprh

  By Rahul 31 Jan 2017

very positive, apt, straight forward . Highly recommended

  By Shubhra Sharma 06 Dec 2016

Good Discussion. Thanks

  By divyanshu 07 Dec 2016

nice person,do consult him!!

  By asha pa 30 Nov 2016

Acharyaji has helped me many times on many of problems. His predictions are accurate and solutions are very simple to achieve

  By Rakesh P 01 Nov 2016

Just had my consultation with him.Very detailed explanations were given. It was evident that he is a learned man. I would recommend him totally.

  By Summit Malhan 22 Oct 2016

Good Experience

  By asha pa 27 Oct 2016

Nanakiji is a great person. His prediction are clear accurate He is very caring person and also recommend solution that are easy to implement

  By Saurabh Chawla 19 Oct 2016

Thanks a lot for the wonderful guidance... very intelligent.. best part is that he has basic knowledge of modern day workplace concepts which makes better than his contemporaries

  By Saurabh Chawla 19 Oct 2016

Thanks a lot for your wonderful guidance.. he understands the modern day workplace concepts very well... this makes him best among his contemporaries.. all the best

  By A M 07 Oct 2016

I have consulted nanak ji several times now. He is full of care and compassion; thorough with his readings and optimistic in his interpretations. Much loved.

  By Ajay Juneja 04 Oct 2016

Very Knowledgeable and accurate....

  By Gaurav Baid 29 Jul 2016

Nanak ji's prediction and the remedies are to the point. He is a knowledgeable astrologer with focus on solutions.

  By Anand sriram 24 Jul 2016

Hi... This is Geeta. I have always Nanakji on spot on his predictions for me. When there were difficult times, he had also suggested what I need to do to overcome and be successful in interviews and trust me it really worked. He is very good at his readings and can help anyone on taking the right decision

  By Pinky Patel 30 Jun 2016

Thank you soo much sir felt happy after talking to you and will surely follow ur advice. He is very good by nature and he helped me a lot the way he gives advices and tells about correct future prediction is awsome.

  By Pinky Patel 01 Jul 2016

He is very calm and quite provides best advice and his prediction for my past was correct and he console in the best way he can.

  By Lana Ghosh 22 Jun 2016

Acharya Dhawanji has been very helpful in guiding me with his simple solutions. Very happy to get the guidance. Thank you.

  By Aman Khanna 22 Jun 2016

It was exteremly helpful to talk with Mr Dhawan. He is compassionate and helps you to gain poisitvity. He focusses on the positives and remedies which can help you in peace.

  By swati 13 Jun 2016

It was a great experience while talking with acharya jee...He gives me right predictions and right advice..It was a third time while talking with him.Strongly recommended to other....

  By ANURAG ARORA 13 Jun 2016

Acharya Dhawan is an accomplished astrologer.He is very patient,analytical and has detailed & complete knowledge of Vedic astrology.Remedies recommended are also simple and cost effective.

  By Vinayak Raman Sharma 26 May 2016

A very polite and knowledgeable person in astrology science and keeps discussion to the query point only. Quite satisfied with the conversation.

  By Anand sriram 29 Apr 2016

Thanks so much ji . whatever your predicted came out to be exactly right for me. I did all the recommendations suggested by you and I am getting the offer. Once again thanks for your perfect Prediction. You Will be contacted by me henceforth wherever I need astro guidance

  By Sourav Nath 08 Mar 2016

He is a learned person. Specially, most beneficial for CAREER and JOB related queries. He even knows about Software Programming Languages and All. So, please be guided by him if you are having any Career related Struggle. He knows other areas except career as well.

  By CR Lakshmi 15 Feb 2016

Acharya Dhawan says things very directly. He keeps things real and offers simple advice. He is my go-to person when in doubt. He will not say something just to please you but there is a lot of peace in talking to him.

  By Vaibhav Bhargava 14 Jan 2016

  By Vijay 30 Oct 2015

5 star

  By pratip 16 Nov 2015

very good

  By digvijay singh chauhan 30 Oct 2015

acharya dhawan ji has helped me many times with his knowledge and predictions. He has always guided me about the good and bad times. He is like a very good friend .