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Acharya Manan
Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab, Vastu, Khullar Astrology & Others
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Acharya Manan

I started believing in Astrology after personal experience of things happening according the movement of planets. I decided to study this unique and ancient science, where even the modern science has not reached. Who can predict your future? No scientist and no doctor! But an Astrologer can. I first studies Vedic Astrology, which every student of Astrology has to. Then I decided to go deep into it and studied Krishnamurty Padhati. Krishnamurty Padhati or KP astrology is a recent development in this important subject. One may ask why more time? It is because in KP astrology, one has to study not only the planet but its star also. And not only this after the star its smaller part which is called sub lord, has to be studied. It takes a few minutes more than normal astrology. But the results are also better. So when calling me please keep in mind that I will be taking a couple of minutes more than others.

Time Availability : 24 Hours-

Language : Hindi,English

Location : Delhi

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  By Pooja 14 Dec 2017

  By Jyoti Das 12 Dec 2017

  By Rajat 18 Nov 2017

NOT good

  By Ankita Ghosh 21 Nov 2017

Good , provided analysis accurately

  By Rajat 13 Nov 2017

Not great

  By Manohar rao 24 Nov 2017

Very nice to have a talk with him, hope my problem will be solved.

  By Neha S 02 Dec 2017

Fairly good

  By ?????? 06 Nov 2017

  By Syed Sadiq 01 Nov 2017

  By Parth J Panchal 27 Sep 2017

I have talked with Shree Acharya Manan and I got a tremendous response from him,I like his polite way to give answer of my any question and in future I am looking forward to assist him again.

  By Rahul Chahal 15 Sep 2017

So far pretty accurate. Speaks as he sees the charts. Will consult him on a regular basis

  By Rahul 02 Sep 2017

apt, honest, practicial analysis and solutions.

  By Santanu Kumar Acharya 03 Sep 2017

Excellent. I found him very good.

  By Mandeep Singh 07 Aug 2017

He told me some remedies and m go follow that and lets see if they favor me and hopefully will speack to him soon if i see some changes

  By Shruti Dwivedi 09 Aug 2017

Young but very knowledgeable. Felt satisfied wit the replies to my questions.

  By Ira Dutta 27 Jul 2017

v good and accurate

  By 30 May 2017

Very good

  By 15 Jun 2017

Awesome guruji

  By 27 May 2017

Young talent , accurate prediction god bless you