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Gomed, otherwise known as hessonite, is a gorgeous stone the colour of honey or cows urine. It is best worn in pendent form or as a ring. Amongst Indians, the gomed is called rahu ratna due to its connection to the Vedit planet Rahu. Gomed can be found throughout India, Sri Lanka and Brazil and is a deeply spiritual stone. The unfortunate effects of Rahu can be removed by wearing the Gomed. Rahu is linked to troublesome thoughts and stresses and Gomed helps these feelings and thoughts fade. The Gomed stone also helps people who are falsely accused of doing something that they have not and offers protection against snakes. Gomed is a popular stone to wear to guard against ill health; all issues from large to small can be helped by wearing Gomed. Wearing the Gomed whilst reciting the mantra "Aum ram ravahe namah" eighteen times strengthens its effects. The effects of the Gomed stone can last for up to 3 years making it powerfully long lasting. Other gems can interfere with its progress so it’s important not to mix and match stones that clash. Gomed helps promote mental, emotional and spiritual clarity and gets rid of stress, anxiety, depression and disease. Meditating with the Gomed can help focus the mind and bring security and purpose. Gomed is also a very beautiful stone; a mix of red and honey that is striking to look upon and looks wonderful alongside blessing the wearer with powerful effects.