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Acharya Vishal

Acharya Vishal



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About Me

Acharya Vishal believes that “Astrology is the science to improve your present so that you can create your future.” He says “I don't have any magic pill to resolve all your problems but over the years I have realized that the only way to destroy our enemy is to properly know them first.” According to him, the rishis of our ancient culture devised a scientific way to analyze the planetary effects on human beings. He bases his predictions on his understanding of occult science and follows the three-step rectification method to solve the problems of his clients: Understand the Problem Know the Reason  Taking the measurable steps   Talking to him would definitely give clarity and solution to your problems. Being a certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist & Archeology Certified NLP Practitioner, Acharya Vishal has been in the field of Jyotish Vigyan (Astro Science) for 6 years & has helped people live a successful and enriched life by providing proper guidance & scientific solutions. Professionally, being a programmer and web developer astrology gives him a sense of satisfaction by helping people out with the help of Predictive Stellar Astrology (KP) and Predictive Celestial Astrology (Vedic Astrology). His areas of expertise in Student Counselling, Marriage, Relationship, Career & many various aspects of life, in general, helps his clients overcome almost all their problems. Vishal has also authored a book internationally appreciated by Marsha Wright, he is also an avid chess player, an amazing chef, and a martial artist. Reading and learning have been a passion which resulted in learning astrology from SRI P.V.R Narasimha Rao, Late Sri. K.S Krishnamurthi & Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra. Over the years with the combination of astrological consultancy and hypnotherapy sessions he has been able to transform the lives of many students and corporates miraculously. He has pledged to help & everyone to the best of his knowledge.