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Astro Vats

Astro Vats


Vedic, Numerology

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About Me

Astro Vats is an expert Vedic Astrologer and Name Numerologist who has been practising these skills for decades. To date, he has helped thousands of Indian and International clients on personal and professional fronts by his immense experience in Vedic Astrology, Name numerology and his divine intuition. He is acclaimed as a Man with “Divine Power” who, by his special access to the divine, plays with numbers and planets to extract the best possible harmonies from nature for his clients. He can help you succeed in every aspect of life, be it a career, family, marriage, litigations, kids, foreign settlements or business, and hence direct you to attain all the success and happiness you dream of.

He is unparalleled in advising new baby names, business names, TV serials or movie names, and individual name corrections as he takes cues from both Astrology and Numerology to suggest the most powerful name for his clients to make their life happy and successful. With the mere addition or deletion of alphabets, he creates a balanced and channeled NAME to receive the missing planetary benefits that aid followers in leading a successful life. His remedial measures come from his immense experience in Vedic Astrology and Numerology, resulting in magical outcomes. Acharya Vats is famous worldwide. Many of his notable clients make decisions every day based on his guidance, which he renders after a detailed evaluation of the planetary positions and current time.