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Tarot Spoorthi

Tarot Spoorthi



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About Me

Tarot Spoorthi is a certified Tarot Card Reader who has been practicing this divine science for over 7 years and is admired for her precise predictions. She believes that the Universe can provide guidance only if you embrace the energies. She was always fascinated by the occult sciences ever since her childhood due to her spiritually profound family. However, being an academically bright student, she completed her bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering with Honours. Following that, she worked for prominent MNCs and earned her MBA in International Business. But, the mystic sciences had left a strong impression on her mind, and she chose to pursue Tarot Reading professionally. Her extremely intuitive nature led her to pick Tarot as a medium through which she could predict and guide people on the right path. Prediction accuracy came easy to her since she was very observant and intuitive.

Being a millennial herself, she can understand the complex trials and tribulations of the current generation. She is aware of the challenges that individuals encounter in this day and age. She’s skillful at grasping her clients’ circumstances and offering guidance. She is well-known for her ability to counsel individuals and assist them in dealing with distress. She possesses a multidimensional ability to see through the surface and look beyond into the future. Tarot Spoorthi specialises in assisting people with love, relationships, marriage, job, and money issues. Her clients respect and appreciate her precise predictions and easy remedial solutions, which have enhanced their quality of life. Her readings are astoundingly precise, touching the perfect chord with the customers.