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Tarot Sonali

Tarot Sonali


Tarot Card Reading

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About Me

Tarot Sonali is a Tarot Reader and has been associated with the world of clairvoyance and the psychic field for over 4 years. She has a reputation of providing accurate, clarifying and highly intuitive readings to her clients. She is a strong believer that few events in life are controlled by destiny, to a great extent free will can be applied to change circumstances. She says that ‘The tarot deck has 22 Major Arcana (destiny) cards and 56 Minor Arcana (free will) cards and these cards give a better understanding of your present circumstances and future, revealing how much is the role of destiny and how much of free will can be applied. ‘Her predictions are based on the cards that are revealed and her “point on “intuition, psychic instinct and connection with the client. These abilities give her a unique perspective while making predictions. Many clients have been guided and have found direction and purpose on their life’s journey, thanks to her readings. Her cards accompanied with her intuition help her unlock the deepest queries made by clients in different aspects of life be it Relationship, Career, Personal Growth, Mental health, Opportunities, Finance, Education or any other everyday issues of life.

She is a professional Designer and Space Planner as well as being a consulting journalist/ columnist for India Today. Her career has given her the access to have travelled far and wide all over the world and collected knowledge from different Spiritual Gurus- ranging from Cape Town in South Africa, to the Vatican City where she studied and understood the philosophy of the west, further on to Rome in Italy, drawing inspiration from the Louvre in Paris, Sofia in Bulgaria to our very own Andhra Pradesh and Cochin in India. Having been exposed to different Gurus and Zen Masters at different phases of her life she has a wider perspective on the trials and tribulations and how to deal with them and find a solution and peace within one’s self. Her focus is to master the understanding of the ‘Akashic records’- a compendium of all Human Events that have occurred in the Past, Present, and future and are encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the Etheric plane.