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About Me

Tarot Shubhra was born in a Brahmin family and was always surrounded by religious scriptures and books on astrology. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Tarot, astrology, and other intuitive arts would become her driving fascination. She is a gifted intuitive empath and a natural psychic healer who uses her clairvoyant skills to guide people in creating their own magical life. She picked up her first Tarot deck at the age of 15 and kickstarted her alternative career by performing readings on her best friend. 

After having a successful career in investment banking, music, and as a counsellor, she has kept her passion for Tarot alive. Since 2015, she has been providing professional readings for her clients. She uses Tarot as a mirror to redirect light back to hidden corners of the mind. As a Psychic healer, she channelizes her inner energy through Tarot cards. She unlocks her clients' most in-depth queries about love, relationship, career, finance, education, or any topic in everyday life. She also does Celtic cross, 5 card love spread, and 3 cards reading based on the person's first name. She never gives false hope, and truth must be taken even if it is sour.