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About Me

Tarot  Shiv is a certified Tarot Reader and has 10 years of experience in this field. She is also passionate about Angel Card Reading, Crystal Healing, Reiki Healing, Chakras Healing, Counselling, and Vedic Astrology. She channels messages and reads tarot intuitively. Tarot Cards are divine tools that help an individual to understand the future and to discover hidden truths. She also helps to guide all the divine souls who are in Twin Flame Journey. She guides them about Inner Work and helps. She helps them to understand this divine journey. 

She firmly believes that God has blessed her with this divine gift to help and guide people. She believes that Tarot Card Reading is an art and a divine gift to connect people with spirituality. Always willing to help those in need, Tarot Shivshakti has given several consultations to people who need help and guidance in Love and Relationships, Marriage, Career, Money, Finance, Business & Investment. She is helping society to improve their life by guiding them well. She also does counseling while reading, which helps to heal. She gives simple remedies to follow, which are very useful. She is a firm believer in Positive Thinking. Anyone can change their attitude, thoughts, behavior, and life with Positive Thinking. We attract what we think and we receive what you believe. She exactly knows how to apply the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization, Prayers, Gratitude, Journaling, Affirmations, and Positive Thinking. The Universe creates and provides you, which your thoughts are focused on, where your attention goes, energy flows, and where energy flows, things grow. Thus, she guides you with all kinds of divine and spiritual tools where you will be able to choose the right and can attain it with the right type of technique. Turn all your dreams and wishes into reality through her divine and spiritual gifts.