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Shivaranjani Dutta

Shivaranjani Dutta


Tarot, Numerology, Vedic

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About Me

"Shivaranjani Dutta is Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Saraswati, Tantra Bharati,Tantra Vaschaspati.Gold Medallist. Practising as Astrologer , Astro-palmist ,Numerologist, Gemstone consultant ,Healer and Tarot Card Reader. At a very young age had developed a liking for psychic ablities , intutions , astrology and secrets of occult powers. She had developed interest collecting and studying sacred texts from different parts of the world ,religion and beliefs .Studied and practiced different religious beliefs to study the rituals , patterns and similarity of one cosmic truth. An insight into the religious principles and philosophies of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Kabbalah , Sufism , Paganism ,Egyptian rituals provided keys to learn the cosmic principles and horary knowledge.