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Tarot Prathna

Tarot Prathna



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About Me

Tarot Prathna is a Clairvoyant Tarot Reader. Her other special expertise includes Angel Healing Therapy, Crystal Healing Face Reading, Hypnosis and Telepathy. She has done her education from a reputed college under Delhi University. She has also done a 3-year Diploma in Business Management from a deemed institute in Delhi. She has been working in the field of occult science for more than 14 years. Swarnim Bharat Nirman granted her the most prestigious award in the World of Astrology for her exceptional Divine Qualities. She has participated in the Nakshatra Exhibition, where lots of people benefited from her advice and consultation.

Tarot Prathna has a gift for clairvoyance and parapsychology and has worked for a few years in occult science. She meticulously cultivated it for the benefit of others. She had known what would happen to many of her loved ones since she was a child. Many people benefited in wealth, prosperity, love, and happiness due to her natural Psychic intuition and assistance, which she was doing quietly and without publicity.She is spiritual and religious and a member of spiritual bodies doing meditation and healing. She can access every piece of information stored in her conscious, subconscious, and super consciousness mind due to her intuition, super consciousness mind in cosmic love, and cosmic knowledge. Her life's mission is to raise awareness of the Alternate Sciences and educate the modern generation on the wonders of accurate Tarot and Astrology. Tarot Prathna has many national and international clients in the UK, the US, and Dubai. She has visited the UK three times on the clients' special invitation for her accurate predictions and counselling. She possesses incredible healing abilities that allow her to make others happy and full of optimism. Her advice has helped many individuals and families. She enjoys passing on her knowledge by taking classes in Tarot, Angels, Numerology, Crystal Healing, and Basic Astrology. Aside from that, she excels at Color Therapy and Face Reading.