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Astro Nakkeran

Astro Nakkeran


Vedic, KP

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About Me

I am an award-winning Vedic astrologer with 35 years of experience. Due to my destiny, I learned the fundamentals of astrology from my Grandfather and Mother. I realized at a young age that I had the ability to change things in my favor, which is known as "thought reading" of other people's minds. Slowly, I was dragged by my tuition master, who gave me all of his library books on Palmistry and Numerology and encouraged me to practice with my classmates for fun and enjoyment during my school and college days. My accuracy in the prediction astounded me. I set myself on the path to learning K.P. Astrology. I began focusing on Vedic Courses. Vedic astrology, Naadi astrology, Medical astrology, Tarot, Burmese astrology, Chinese astrology, Ebertin's German midpoint astrology, Jama Graha Arudha, and Pancha Paczhi Sastra are just a few of my studies. I became interested in obtaining a Doctorate in Astrology by specializing in each subject. As a lifetime achievement, my innovative ideas are designed to develop many students throughout India through classrooms, seminars, and conferences. Achievements, Awards, and Responsibility followed in developing new things and breaking traditional astrology secrets. For 35 years, as a "Path Finder" and a pioneer in conducting extensive research, I have been breathing, walking, and talking only astrology. People tell me that my predictions are coming true on the dot. Without getting ahead of myself, I continue to study astrology every day and night. My dream and goal are to reach out to every human being using the most fundamental form of astrological education. I write astrological articles for my followers, who adore my work. My specialty is consulting on Marriage, Career, Progeny, and other day-to-day life areas. 



P X...
Fri, 24 Mar,2023
Best Predictions and advice.
D X...
Tue, 7 Feb,2023
Practical input and predictions without sugar coting. Consultation gave clarity for few of problems I face which I didn't even reveal to him in first place.
M X...
Mon, 6 Feb,2023
Very knowledgeable and helpful 💯💯💯
R M...
Mon, 6 Feb,2023
Good and reliable person to take opinion!
P X...
Wed, 11 Jan,2023
Wonderful Astrologer