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Astro Kartheek

Astro Kartheek


Vedic, KP

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About Me

Astro Kartheek is a renowned Vedic Astrologer and K.P. Astrologer with experience of over 05 years. He is an engineer by profession, and his interest in occult science started when he was ten years old. He can predict the major events in one’s life, including peace, wealth, prosperity, job and careers, financial conditions, love life, marriage, education, property, longevity, and progeny. His knowledge and expertise in astrology have helped thousands of his clients. All his predictions are usually accurate. 

Till now, he has read 1000+ horoscopes. He has been guiding in all important areas of life that have helped bring positive change in the lives of his clients. His areas of expertise include education, career, business, money, love, marriage, spouse, partnership, luck, personal matters, property, Vastu, Muhurta, Matchmaking, fixing auspicious times for childbirth. And, his effective remedies have helped his clients in leading a happy and prosperous life. In the past five years, he has helped provide clients with realistic solutions and the finest simple remedies to help them overcome their issues.