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Astro Jayaram

Astro Jayaram


Vedic, Numerology, Vaastu

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About Me

Astro Jayaram is a certified Vedic Astrologer from Tamil Nadu with more than 18 years of experience in the field. His expertise are Vedic Astrology, Nadi Jyotish, KP Astrology, and Prashan Kundli. In his long spiritual career, he has served many people. He attained the knowledge of astrology when he was just 16 years old from his grandfather Mr. Pramashivam, a skilled astrologer with an extraordinary intuitional ability. To date, he has done more than 15,000 in-depth readings for people from different profiles like business people, politicians, government officials who got benefited from his remedies. Additionally, in 2015, he also received a “Jothida Rathna” training Award. In 2017, he received “Jamakol Prishna Rathan” training award. In 2018, he also received "Thampoola Prashna Jothida Aachariya" training award. 

Astro Jayaram is a motivational writer, trainer, and relationship advisor. This made him one of the leading Vedic Astrology Experts in India. He believes in providing in-depth, accurate and informative readings using various Astrology tools and ultimately providing a proper solution to all his clients. Despite being an Astrologer, he is always keen to learn new things to enhance his knowledge and develop new and better methods of helping society and working for the good of the people.  Nevertheless, he is an all-around astrologer who can offer proper guidance in every step of your life and ultimately lead your lives towards the path of success. Along with this, if you want any consultation regarding Marriage, Relationships, Education, Business, etc., he is there to help you.