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Acharya Aishwarya

Acharya Aishwarya


Vedic, Vastu

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About Me

Acharya Aishwarya has been an astrologer for 7 years. She holds Jyotish Visharad, Master Numerology, and Vastu certifications. Astrology reveals God's will; it was her actual calling. As a result, after studying architecture, she was drawn to this Divine discipline. To begin, she has understood, as a guide for her own life path, that this wonderful science has added value to her life and brought worth to her existence. As a result, she chose to start her career as an astrologer in 2014. Making a difference in her customers' lives and hearing their supportive comments gave her a new perspective on life.

Today, she thanks God for leading her along the road of this wonderful, fascinating, and brilliant science. She specialises in providing advice and predictions in the areas of love and relationships, job, money, and investments.