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Acharya Anil

Acharya Anil


Vedic Astrology, Vaastu, KP Astrology, Prashna Kundali

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About Me

I would like to introduce myself as an Astrologer (based upon Red Book & Vedic Astrology theory).In terms of educational background – have done a master's in commerce but my inner passion was Astrology as during my studies I used to read Astrology Books / Literature. This Science is God Gifted to me, it's in my blood. While doing the job I started learning the occult science through “Guru Shishya Parampara” like… Theta healing technique, Tarot Card Reading, Pyra Vaastu, Numerology, Red Book, Suitable Gems Stones, etc…. Since Astrology is my passion & I started consultation gradually with my close family/friends circle. Over a period this circle became vast through mouth-to-mouth publicity.

At present, my clients are all over the world who takes consultation from me from time to time. I do cover all types of queries like Educational Direction, choose the right Profession, Carrier direction, Hurdle in Education, Hurdle in Marriage, Divorce, Childbirth, Vaastu Correction based upon Pyra Vaastu & combination of Red Book Vaastu principles. Now am doing full-time astrological consultancy for all my clients. I do examine birth chart based upon native’s current Mahadasha / Anterdasha, planets gochar - transits & yearly challenges/prediction based upon the red book; we do suggest remedies to clients which are guided by supreme power while evaluation of particular native horoscope/birth chart. We as Astrologers suggest the remedies, Client also performs but the result comes as per the universe's direction only which is as per native karma. It's a universal truth; no one can deny this.