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Taro Adishakti

Taro Adishakti

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Tarot Adishakti born and raised in a disciplined Rajput family, I consider myself privileged to call the divine Himalayas my home, graced by the presence of Lord Shiva. My spiritual journey, deeply rooted in Hinduism, took a significant turn at the age of 14 with the sacred "Diksha" under the guidance of my revered Guruji. This initiation opened doors to a transformative path, leading to profound spiritual insights through intense meditation at his Ashram.

Within the Ashram, my profound connection with Mahadev is well-known, and his blessings have been a constant source of enrichment in my life. Bestowed with the title of "Princess Shiva" by my Guruji, I undertake the responsibility of guiding souls into the realms of angels and celestial wisdom. My journey is anchored in unwavering dedication, encompassing Vedic practices, Numerology, Healing, and the mystical facets of the Occult.

Mahadev's interventions have been life-saving, reinforcing his unwavering presence. Carrying forward an ancestral connection to the occult from my grandfather and great grandmother, I am honored to continue their legacy. As a divinely gifted Angel Tarot card reader and psychic, I've had the privilege of serving over 10,000 clients globally for the past 14 to 15 years. The consistent bestowal of 5-star ratings from my clients affirms the precision of my predictions and the impactful nature of my services.

My overarching vision is to be a trusted advisor and consultant, offering pragmatic astrological solutions to enhance the lives of humanity. Through my mission, I aspire to serve humanity with professional astrological guidance and education, empowering individuals to adeptly navigate the intricate tapestry of their lives.



P X...
Wed, 17 Jul,2024
Nice answered everything with all postivity
M X...
Tue, 16 Jul,2024
her reading are very accurate. she could even tell what I.was feeling so accurately...she is a magician. I really look forward to talking to her daily. she was so accurate in telling what my exact thoughts and feelings are like
K D...
Tue, 16 Jul,2024
shes soo , good Truely satisfied lots of love
P X...
Mon, 15 Jul,2024
good predictions
M X...
Sun, 14 Jul,2024
thank you very much for the awesome and accurate reading. with you I forget all my worries