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Acharya Venki

Acharya Venki



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About Me

I am a seasoned astrologer, proficient in the arts of Vedic Astrology, KP, Numerology, and Vaastu, with over a decade of professional experience. My journey began with a deep immersion in the world of Astrology, mastering the intricacies of the KP System and Numerology. My dedication was recognized with the prestigious title of Jyotisha Prajna. Having delved into insightful books, I constantly seek to expand my knowledge, driven by an unwavering passion to assist others on their life paths. Guiding seekers through relationship dilemmas, financial challenges, health concerns, and career obstacles is my forte. My approach to remedies is straightforward yet highly effective, leaving my clients content with the results. It brings me immense joy to use my expertise to offer solutions that bring harmony and success into the lives of those who seek my aid.