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Barah Mukhi Rudraksha

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The barah mukhi rudraksha contains twelve sides. It is represented by Sri Maha Vishnu otherwise known as the sun and it contains the benefits and powers of the sun especially the ability to rule and bring light and clarity to all situations. Anyone who is looking for fame, success or credibility should embrace the barah mukhi rudraksha. The barah mukhi rudraksha lends the wearer a tremendous sense of inner strength and the ability to bring joy and happiness to all people and situations. The barah mukhi rudraksha also helps promote a strong sense of health and well-being; it is rare for people who consistently meditate on this bead to become unwell or unhappy. One of the most beautiful aspects of this bead is its ability to enlighten. A person can uncover their purpose, dreams, wishes and interests when they wear or meditate on this rudraksha. It also frees the mind of doubt, fear and stress and is a great bead for those who are looking for positions of leadership, control or fame. As such executives, business people and celebrities or those looking to go into the limelight are often drawn to this bead as it helps them attract popularity, fame and wealth. This bead is useful across all mediums where a person may want recognition or respect.