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The onyx comes in many forms but its most famous form is black. The onyx is a stone that is known to separate and it has become famous amongst healers for its ability to help us learn to let go. Whether you’re in a bad relationship or dealing with personal grief, the onyx is a useful tool to help let emotions free. It can also give us the strength and confidence to make tough decisions perhaps to end bad marriages or careers or make some change in life that scares us. The onyx is a strong stone and it lends its properties to the wearer during hard times. The onyx also helps to get rid of lingering negative emotions or thoughts linked to depression, anxiety, trauma or mental illness. It’s a great stone for people who have suffered or are suffering in any way. The onyx also guards against negativity. It gives the wearer confidence, high self esteem and the energy and focus to make the right decision. As the onyx stone guards us, it is a good idea to keep an onyx stone by your bedside to watch your thoughts and feelings at night. You can also keep an onyx stone in any place where you need protection; in your car, at work or at school. Wearing an onyx stone keeps the protective properties of the stone with you at all times. The onyx is a good stone to wear when you need focus, discipline, willpower or strength; wear it whilst you study, travel or go through a trying or testing time.