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Teen Mukhi Rudraksha

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The Teen Mukhi Rudraksha connects us with our past selves and the karmic experience that we have had. The influence of bad karma from past lives can be felt in every area of life and can be very distressing. The mukhi rudraksha helps to heal the pain and stress caused by past life karma. To release ourselves from the grip of bad karma, we can wear this rudraksha and meditate on the bead saying ‘aum kleem namah.’ This rudraksha is represented by God Agnidev. Wearing this bead will burn away your past karma and allow you to clear the road in this life to reach the goals that you have always wanted to achieve. Perhaps you’ve noticed bad karma manifesting in your current life and wish to make amends. This rudraksha enables this process to happen. The bead is typically found in Nepal and Indonesia but is very popular within India. This rudraksha heals us fully and completely; it takes away stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, guilt, shame, disgrace, past sins and anger. The influence of our karma also manifests in our bodies and can cause disease, sickness and pain. When we meditate using this rudraksha we can also clean our bodies of the negative influence of our feelings and thoughts. This rudraksha represents the three fiery mouths which burn away our sins in this life. When we burn away our sins, we protect ourselves and our homes from bad omens and we also limit sickness in our bodies.