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Terah Mukhi Rudraksha

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Blessed by thirteen saints, the terah mukhi rudraksha has thirteen sides and is perceived as a very good all rounder because it raises every aspect of the wearer’s life. It helps keep the body fit, well and healthy, brings money and riches into the wearer’s life and boosts their family life as well. This bead also boosts the likeability of the wearer making them honourable, kind and attractive to those they meet. This bead offers many blessings which is why it is such a popular bead to wear for a happy, meaningful and long life. Ruled by Lord Indra, King of all Gods, this bead is boosted with the blessings of all Gods which intensify its power. Ruled by the Western planet of Venus, this bead also boosts the love life of wearers and gives them extra charisma, charm and excellent social skills with others. The bead lends earthly comforts but also spiritual success creating a very well-balanced personality. Such a bead is ideal for those in leadership roles. As the bead is ruled by Venus, it’s a very worthwile rudraksha for relationships and love and will help the wearer attract an enduring love into their lives.