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Solah Mukhi Rudraksha

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The solah mukhi rudraksha is the sixteenth mukhi and has sixteen sides. This mukhi brings the wearer victory and success in everything that they do. It is a great bead for those who want to achieve and brings many blessings. For those who need to be victorious at work, in relationships or in life, this mukhi is a great bead to wear. It brings so many positive experiences to the wearer including joy, achievement, success, harmony, peace, happiness and abundance. It also brings the wearer pleasure and comfort and eliminates the pain caused from sins and poor past karma. This bead also helps a person let go of that which they are afraid of which increases their chances of achieving success. This bead makes us more virtuous; kinder, more generous and humble. As a very rare mukhi, it is highly desired by many. The bead keeps life harmonious and happy in all domains from family to work to economic gain. It can also assist with illness or sickness in the body, keeping us well and healthy at all times. Anyone can wear this bead but it is especially good for those who are afraid of losing those that they love, who have a challenge to face or who wish to succeed or make a name for themselves.