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Saat Mukhi Rudraksha

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The saat mukhi rudraksha bead is represented by Mahalaskshmi who represents wealth and abundance. Traditionally she is followed by elephants and carries coins with her as she goes. Lakshmi represents what we like in terms of our tastes whether it be what kind of food we enjoy eating, the art we like to look upon or the ways we enjoy spending our time. She could be called the lady of luxury as she can also represent our hobbies and interests and the way we focus our tastes and preferences in different directions. In Western astrology, Venus is the ruling planet of the saat mukhi rudraksha and as the planet of love and beauty; it brings the wearer charm and plenty of good luck. The bead draws love, luck, wealth and even fame to the wearer. As Venus is a happy, joyful planet this bead helps the wearer to feel good and eases away stress, suffering and anxiety. It’s a great bead to wear for those who want harmonious relationships with lovers or friends especially for those going into new schools or places of work. This is also the bead of opportunity in that it attracts lovers, friends and good fortune. This bead should be worn around the neck but it can also be stored safely in a room where you meditate or worship so that you can focus on the benefits of the bead.