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Pandrah Mukhi Rudraksha

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The pandrah mukhi rudraksha with its fifteen sides is incredibly rare indeed hence why it is so desired. The pandrah mukhi rudraksha represents Pashupatinath Shiva and is intended to bless us all with two of nature’s most beautiful blessings: abundance and fulfilment. The bead helps us find a long lasting love that cares for us unconditionally whether this love is family oriented, a relationship or spiritual in nature. It also helps us let go of things that hurt us such as pain, guilt, shame or mistakes that we have made in the past. This ability to let go, heal and forgive is very powerful and necessary. Linked with Mercury, this bead connects primarily to the sun signs of Gemini and Virgo who are also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As such, this bead helps us understand ourselves and others and increases our ability to communicate our intentions with people which helps to smooth over relationships and conflict. This bead helps us hit a high level of consciousness which is necessary to be happy. It enables us to escape the shackles and binds of humanity that keep us trapped or stuck. We can let go of emotional pain, blocks and expectations to feel connected to nature and the spirit.