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Paanch Mukhi Rudraksha

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The paanch mukhi rudraksha symbolises the five forms of Lord Shiva. The bead itself has 5 grooves in its surface to showcase these five forms. To wear this bead is to boost one’s sense of self and to achieve heightened conscious awareness. This bead is recommended for people who feel shy, lack confidence or have a very low sense of self-esteem. It’s also a great bead for people who want to connect with their unique sense of self and embrace their quirks, creativity and spiritual selves. This bead also helps us to develop ourselves through learning and expansion. It helps us to feel positive and enthusiastic about our future and encourages us to grow. In Western astrology, this bead is associated with Jupiter, the planet of plenty and of optimism. As such, wearing it can make us feel joyful, happy and throw ourselves into life without fear. It can also remove the negative effects of Jupiter that manifest in certain astrology charts. This bead is designed to be worn and accompanied by the chant, ‘aum hreem namah. Aum namaha shivaya.’ This bead restores intelligence, wisdom, insight and faith to the wearer so it’s great for students, teachers, journalists, writers and communicators as well as those who are spiritually minded or those who are lacking in intellectual or spiritual powers. It’s also a great bead for those who sing or communicate and can help ease self-consciousness, shyness and self-doubt from the personality.