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Gyarah Mukhi Rudraksha

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The gyarah mukhi rudraksha contains eleven sides and is connected to material wealth and gain. The wearer attracts material riches into their life. As well as money, the bead boosts the wearer to an elevated state of spiritual enlightenment which makes it useful for meditation and worship amongst spiritually minded individuals. It is advised to cap the bead in either gold or silver to protect it and to wear it from a red string. The bead is worn quite commonly by yogis as it helps people gain mastery and control of all of their bodily senses. Only in doing this can people go on to gain spiritual mastery of themselves. It also strengthens a person’s connection to God and gives them a feeling of well-being and security. This bead also protects against forces such as ghosts and negative karmic energy. Wearing the bead lends courage, clarity, bravery, wisdom and judgement. The bead is also useful in helping people achieve a balance between their spiritual selves and worldly selves so that they are able to be successful in this life without sabotaging their spiritual nature. As a rather rare rudraksha it is also extremely powerful. This bead also brings whoever wears it happiness and brings them a life of adventure and exploration.