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Do Mukhi Rudraksha

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The bead of relationships. The two faced (Do mukhi) rudraksha represents the love affair between Shiva and Shakti, collectively known as Ardhanarishwar. The bead signifies a strong and lasting connection. The bead itself also is symbolised by the moon which represents our emotional health and well-being. The moon is also very relevant for women as it links their menstrual cycles with its own cycles as it passes through the night sky on its monthly axis. The moon is changeable and fickle and so the rudraksha helps us to ground and stabilise our emotional life. The bead stands for a sense of togetherness and connection and as such is a great bead to wear to attract romance and lasting love into your life, or to strengthen the love presently in your life. The do mukhi rudraksha also helps us in every area of life including happiness and wealth. Holding the bead whilst chanting the relevant mantra, ‘aum namah’ makes its effect more noticeable. It’s important to note that the two faced (Do mukhi) rudraksha boosts any relationship, not just romantic relationships, and can help friendships and working relationships. Indeed any kind of relationship with any person can be empowered using this rudraksha. If you find that you are not finding a suitable love match in life, the rudraksha will help bring such love to you. The rudkraksha also boosts mood making us feel happier, friendlier and more confident which helps attract into our lives more blessings.