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Das Mukhi Rudraksha

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The das mukhi rudraksha has ten faces and is represented by Lord Narayan Krishna. Krishna is the universal protector of all life on earth and as such this bead is a guardian bead that can be worn by anyone. The wearer of this bead is protected from negative energy in all forms including ghosts, spirits and enemy intentions. It also helps remove negative thoughts and emotions triggered by karma or past sins and sooths anxiety, depression and all manner of other ailments. The purpose of this bead is security; it makes the wearer feel safe. This bead can literally be worn by anyone who wishes to harness the protective powers of the bead, particularly those under the influence of dark or evil energies. The bead can also protect us against ourselves and our own negative projections such as envy, shame and guilt. This bead also brings us a stronger sense of connection with Lord Krishna and can help us feel closer to her. This bead can be worn around the neck or placed in a home where you are experiencing troubles or strange energy. Meditating on the bead helps evoke its strong powers. Carrying the bead with you can lend you protection as you go about daily life.